Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Unlock The Power of Story....Why Bother?

       Why bother to unlock  the power of story in your life?

You may use story as a literacy tool in a classroom. It might just be that healing through and with story will help you help yourself or someone else. Possibly story in the corporate world as we saw with  Super Bowl commercials will be the way you unlock the power of story. To entertain your kids one day you can use the power of story, it is for everyone.

One classroom exemplifies these powers watch the video clip and see the universal power of story unfold in Japan.


 Think about your story, what do you have locked up? Are you ready to share it? Campus Slammer is the place, at Trinity, Wesleyan, Western CT.,  Uconn, Eastern Ct.,Conn College and U-Hartford.  Resources for Campus Slammer at:



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Carol Mon said...

The New York Times had an article on a medical study testing the healing power of stories. It was a small test group but results supported the power of stories to help in the healing process. I guess that is one reason to unlock the Power of Story.