Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Campus Slammer Showcase Mic

Liz deLise 2 nd place in the Campus Slammer Finals
 The Showcase Mic April 30, 2011 at 9:30 p.m.was  an opportunity to highlight the  Campus Slammer in front of the audience gathered at the CT. Storytelling Festival.

Storyteller Miss Celia Whitehead committee member and Conn College student

 It was set up to showcase the winner of Campus Slammer and two runners up.  It is difficult though to have the event just as exams and many year end activities commence in  the college world. We were able to hear the story of one of our runners up and another Conn College contestant and committee member. Then we had the open slots for anyone who wanted to tell a five minute story Ten people put their name in and shared stories along with our college tellers.
Jim Harriman
Lauren Mendoza
Audrey Daigenault
Ralph Chadis
Fortune Hall filled for the Showcase Mic of Campus Slammer

This year Campus Slammer traveled to 6 college campus locations.We heard so many excellent student stories and culminated in the finals at Conn College April 28, 2011. The showcase mic was our chance to share and celebrate Campus Slammer with the storytelling community it was a night rich in story, laughter, drama and fun!
I want to thank everyone who helped get Campus Slammer up and running this year. 
The Board of Directors Connecticut Storytelling Center
The list of storytellers who donated CD's as prizes
Al l the Campus Liasons
Our Friends at massmouth
Sew on and Sew Forth
Karen Paro graphics
Our Judges at all 7 locations!
WILI 1400 radio - Wayne Norman
and my friend Kelly Trueb who  was right there all the way through it to help out with whatever I needed! Thanks

Kelly Trueb

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Finals of Campus Slammer, and the Winner Is...

and the Winner Is.........

The Ct. Storytelling Center is proud to announce the 2011 Campus Slammer winner Andrew Greaves of Connecticut College.

Andrew Greaves Winner 2011 Campus Slammer

The Runners up in the 2011 Campus Slammer Inter-Collegiate Story Slam are:

#2 Liz deLise of Connecticut College  (rt)
#3 Dina Addorisio of the University of Connecticut (l)


They were invited back to the showcase mic on Saturday night at 9:30 in Fortune Hall , Cummings Art Center during the Connecticut Storytelling Festival!

    Spirits were high as the winners were annnounced and all the photos were taken to commemorate this very first Campus Slammer.

  Story Slams are a contest on delivery of a 5 minute original story. All  these students particpated on their home campus  and earned a spot at Campus Slammer Finals.  The night had many parts that made it a success, A huge Thank -You to the judges that came out.
( left -right)

Christine Rothe - Storyteller, Wayne Norman WILI 1400 AM Radio and Uconn Husky basketball commentator,
Julie Donovan- college student ( not a particpating college), Rosemarie Roberts Connecticut College Professor,  Matthew McCaffrey- Interim UCC minister and Pres. of the Middletown Chorale.

Part of Our wonderful Campus Slammer Audience

It was an exciting time!

A round of applause for our emcee'ss tonight! Amanda Hiles and Greg Manizza from University of Hartford.

A thank You to Celia Whitehead of Conn College for committee work and timing the slam

A thank You to Kelly Trueb who has been scorer at many of the Campus Slammers

A thank you to all who donated toward the prize bags they recieved.

Stylin the prize bags
      All the contestants took home a prize bag which included the Campus Slammer  T-Shirts donated by:
Science Engineering Assoc. Of Mansfield Center, CT. and Vicky Wetherell  of Storrs, CT.  and made by Sew On and Sew Forth of Franklin, CT.

  Check back next week for more on the wrap up from Campus Slammer and the donors whose prizes filled the bags. There will also be  a report on the Showcase Mic Saturday Evening Fortune Hall , Cummings Art Center Conn. College. New London, CT.                

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thursday is Campus Slammer Finals!

Campus Slammer Finals!

This Thursday April 28, 2011 7:30 p.m. at  the Ernst Room in Blaustein Hall  Connecticut College the finalists from 6 campuses converge for a show down in 5 minute stories!

Through this door will pass the finalists of 6 Campus Slammers... only one will leave the victor, from which campus will the wordsmith hail? Come to find out. 7:30  Conn, College, New London, an easy after work drive and free evening entertainment!

Who will be the first ever winner of Campus Slammer? To return with 2 runners up for the Big SHOWCASE MIC at Connecticut Storytelling Festival & Conference  Saturday April 30 at 9:30 p.m.?

                               Eastern, Western, Uconn, U-Hartford, Wesleyan, Conn College

                                            Campus Slammer Break Out of 5 Minute Stories     
                                                                       Visitors Welcome!   

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Western CT State Univ. - Campus Slammer West of the River

Campus Slammer travelled west of the CT River last night to slam some stories on the Western CT State University Campus.  WCSU is the final college to host a local Campus Slammer in the 2011 season. 

We are less than a week away from the CAMPUS SLAMMER FINALS at Conn College April 28, 2011 7:30 p.m. in the Ernst Room of Blaustein Hall  finalists please confirm attendance  at

Now the results from WCSU Campus Slammer

There were 5 brave souls who tried a slam story before the musical open mic event kicked off.  Our first contestant had a very nice rhyming poem about life.  Second up was a well written love story.  Our only male competitor told us the humorous story of how he got his name and how his father was punished for it.  Then we heard about a mysterious phone number on a dining hall napkin.  The evening finished with 3 quick family stories. 

Ricky,  Jazmyn,  Diana, Sara, Jenna
The crowd, most of whom were there for the open mic, seemed to really enjoy the change up of a spoken word opening.  Our winner is unable to attend the finals so our 3rd place finisher will represent.  Congratulations to all the contestants.  Our winners are Jenna and Sara.  We'll see Sara and Ricky at the finals.                                                                   

Campus Slammer is a program of the Connecticut Storytelling Center

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Clock is Ticking to Campus Slammer FInals

Yes! It is almost time for the Finals of Campus Slammer!
                                 April 28, 2011  7:30 p.m.

 Are you ready with your five minute story. We are planning a great night and need each of our finalists to come give it their best shot!  6 Campus Slammer prelims are sending the field of 12 competitors to the finals. 

Everyone will get their chance to tell.
Everyone will get a prize pack!
Everyone will get refreshments!
Everyone will get a Campus Slammer Logo T-Shirt just for coming and participating!
                                                        You will look great in these shirts!    

If you haven't confirmed with the CT. Storytelling Center I am asking you to do that A.S.A.P.    
  860-439-2764    just let them know you remembered and will be there!

Need Mapquest? The address is: 270 Mohegan Ave. New  London, CT.  06320  Connecticut College  Blaustein Bldg.  Ernst Room
 Be there for 7 p.m.

Now invite all your peeps to follow you down to the Finals of Campus Slammer! We need a cheering section for each college!  Hey, it's free and there is food and great stories!

Who will win 2011 Campus Slammer?  Conn College?  Eastern CT. State University?   Western CT. State University?  University of Hartford?  Uconn?   Wesleyan?     time will tell..........

Did you find the FACE BOOK  event page? Check it out, just type Campus Slammer in the search bar

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Finals Are Coming; Campus Slammer

Slam down that winning story at the finals of Campus Slammer!

Calling all finalists from the 6 participating colleges. Bring that story you won the local accolades with to the finals at Conn Colllege on April 28 at 7 p.m.

Which college will take home the 2011 top honors?

Uconn?        U-Hartford?      Wesleyan U. ?      Conn. College?      ECSU?         WCSU?

We look forward to hosting all the Campus Slammer finalists and hope you plan to bring a crowd from your home campus to cheer you on.  Conn College is an easy drive from all the competing colleges, so fill the car or campus van pool and come on out! Blaustein Hall  is picturesquely situated at the top of the quadrangle on the Conn. College campus, with a beautiful view out over Long Island Sound.  

Friday, April 8, 2011

Western Connecticut State University Joins Campus Slammer

Thursday April 21, 2011 the Campus Slammer comes to WCSU.  The regularly scheduled Midtown Coffeehouse open mic night will have the added fun of Campus Slammer. Students can  bring their own 5 minute story and share it in a fun competition.  When the scoring is done the  two finalists will be chosen to move on then to Campus Slammer Finals at Conn College on April 28 at 7 p.m.  Here is a sample of  story to show you what was doing in Boston's massmouth slams. Michael Anederson took second with this tale in 2010. Come on out and try story slam! Campus Slammer WCSU!

Details on Campus Slammer at:


Friday, April 1, 2011

Campus Slammer Wesleyan 2011

One coffee shop
5 judges
7 story slammers
1 timer
1 large batch story listeners
2 finalists

That is the recipe for a great night of Campus Slammer  Story Slam at Wesleyan March 31, 2011.
As things were organized everyone ordered their favorite hot drink and settled in to hear stories on the theme: Winners and Losers!  Thanks to  their on-campus radio station for coming out and recording the stories to air on their show Speak Your Piece.
Look for scheduling at

Winners and Losers in the stories came from every where but among the tellers we had a field of all winners, they all did an awesome job and the scores were close and broken by adherence to the time requirement. Way to go - Victor, Paul, Chris, Lindsey, Charlotte, Taylor, Jake and Hannah!

      Thanks to the Espwesso Coffee Shop for sharing their space and trying to make coffee quietly while our story slam was in progress. They were a warm oasis on a cold wintry night. Many thanks to  campus coordinator Lindsey Abrams.
Two finalists were selected to represent Wesleyan at the Finals April 28, 2011 7 p.m. at Conn College in New London.  Taylor Goodstein and Paul Pianta, Congratulations! Your stories were fun and entertaining for us all.  We look forward to seeing you and a strong support team from Wesleyan at the finals.

The overall winner from  the Finals of Campus Slammer will return with 2 runners up to  anchor a Showcase Mic on Saturday April 30, 2011 at the Connecticut Storytelling Festival,  The Showcase mic will follow the main storytelling concert.  Seven  other people interested in sharing a slam story will have an opportunity to tell that evening with our winners.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

And The Winners Are ...ECSU Campus Slammer

Seven bold students took their place on the stage at Eastern CT. State University Tuesday night March 29 in the first ever ECSU Campus Slammer. Competition started to heat up as the stories were told of a candle toasting kitty then a story rapped out about lovers compared to swans and sharks. There were Twilight moments, one story triggered by another. There were birthdays and sad days and open laughter. Thanks to Keith Cummings, Steven Engborg, Katie Morous, Sarah Mooney, Peter Berry, Jim Shannon and
Jennifer Henries for sharing their story.

And The Winners Are..........
Jennifer Henries and Jim Shannon
Jennifer and Jim will represent ECSU at the finals April 28 at Conn College
 Audience settles in as Media Services set up to video tape the performance of Campus Slammer.
The Campus Slammer is sponsored by the Connecticut Storytelling Center  You can get all the information on the Finals and Showcase Mic on their website. Storyteller and  ECSU Professor Raouf Mama was our on campus liaison. We appreciate his working to bring Campus Slammer to Eastern in 2011.

At the finals April 28,  2 winners from each campus will face off in a final story slam of the season  and we will have a  Overall winner and 2 runners up announced. Those three will return on April 30 to be part of the Showcase Mic at the CT. Storytelling Festival. Good Luck to Jennifer and Jim!

Next slam is Thursday March 31 at Wesleyan Coffee House 9 p.m.

Monday, March 28, 2011

ECSU Campus Slammer March 29, 2011

Eastern Connecticut State University  Hosts Campus Slammer

   March 29, 2011 at 7 p.m. ECSU will host its very first Campus Slammer. The Campus Slammer is a competition  of 5 minute stories on a theme. Tellers are scored on arc of story, connection to theme,  delivery and timing. The top two scorers will go on to the finals at Conn College April 28, 2011 at 7 p.m.

Eastern's Webb Hall Rm. 110  is the site for the ECSU Campus Slammer with a theme HUMOR you will be sure to enjoy the stories shared! Everyone is welcome to come and listen and  cheer on your favorite teller.

Plan to come to the finals and show your support to your favorite teller or college.  April 28, 2011 at Conn College.

 The Campus Slammer is sponsored by the Connecticut Storytelling Center and our campus liason is Storyteller Raouf Mama. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Presentation Tips- Personal Story

Telling a Personal Story

Presentation Tips on a personal story from Nancy Duarte in this short video clip. There are some very useful tips as you prepare for a Campus Slammer or the Campus Slammer finals.

Upcoming Dates:
March 29,2011 Eastern CT. State University Webb Hall Rm 110  7 p.m. theme Humor

March 31, 2011 Wesleyan University Middletown CT.  Coffee house 7 p.m.

Finals Conn College 7 p.m. April 28, 2011 Ernst Rm Blaustein Hall

Showcase Mic winner and two runners up  April 30 9:30 p.m. ( after feature concert) CT. Storytelling Festival Conn College New London, CT. 

more info:

Friday, March 18, 2011

Campus Slammer Story Slam

Block out some time on the calendar to attend Campus Slammer
March 29 at ECSU Webb Hall Rm. 110 7 p.m.
Mar 31 at Wesleyan's Coffee House 7 p.m.
drop your name in the hat to be picked to sharea 5 minute story
save April 28 to attend finals
save April 30 to attend showcase mic
Get an Idea for a 5 minutes story
Eastern's Theme is Humor!

Release your story at Campus Slammer
All the details can be found at  what are you waiting for? Campus Slammer 2011

First inter-collegiate story slam you don't want to miss being a part of this scene!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Finalists T-Shirts and Prizes

If you are a Campus Slammer finalist one of these T-Shirts will be yours at the Finals!
Were you one who shared 5 minutes of storytelling?

The folks at Sew on and Sew Forth,  Franklin CT. are busy making them for you.

There will be other prizes for all finalists, be sure to mark your calendar and bring your  cheerleaders to  applaud as you represent your campus in Campus Slammer April 28, 2011 7 p.m. Conn College
Ernst Room Blaustein Hall

need to see the details?

 The Campus Slammer Winner and 2 runners up will be featured at a Showcase Mic  Sat April 30, 2011 at the CT. Storytelling Festival  Conn. College New London CT.  Following the TIm Tingle Choctaw Native American Storyteller in Concert. All participants have their free tickets!  See you in New London!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

University of Hartford Campus Slammer WOW!

What did you think of a slamming night at University of Hartford? A pictures worth a thousand words and these are not enough to do justice to the fun Campus Slammer  March 10 in Auerbach Aud. at Hillyer Hall! Feedback tellers? Don't forget to save the date April 28 for the finals and April 30 for the Showcase mic, come support your U-Hartford finalists. Bring a van load - bring a bus! All the details at   
Storytellers at Campus Slammer University of Hartford 2011

High ad low scores thrown out the middle three averaged for a final score  built suspense
Our judges for the evening
Awesome Emcee duo Amanda Hiles & Greg Manizza
college level Rock Paper Scissors  out finalists vie for a pen!