Monday, February 28, 2011

Connecticut College /Campus Slammer

You heard about Campus Slammer at Uconn, next college is Connecticut College in New London!
Saturday March 5, 2011 at 7 p.m.

The student run " Coffee Grounds" will be host Campus Slammer on the theme: Forever Young! Got a  5min
story Campus Slammer wants you. for details

WILI 1400 am Radio Personal  Wayne Norman will be one of the judges at the finals.Same location on Thurs April 28. Bring your 5 minute story! 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tickets, Get Your Tickets

                       Tickets, Get Your Tickets


Sorry not Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket but  a trip to pure imagination none the less.  With this special CT. Storytelling Festival ticket you get for particpating in Campus Slammer you can come to the Saturday night main performance featuring Tim Tingle.  The Choctaw Native American Storyteller will  enertain us all with his tales.


After the Tim Tingle Concert stay awhile and join us for the showcase mic featuring the 3 top  tellers from the Campus Slammer finals and put your name in the hat seven others will slam a five minute story!

So get your tickets while they're hot!  One slam is over  six more chances,  next week it is Campus Slammer at Connecticut College, New London, CT. You can come to "Coffee Grounds" ( across from the student center) to join us  at 7 p.m. The theme for the  five minute stories will be " Forever Young".

Coffee Grounds Student run coffee house scene for Campus Slammer
                                                      Campus Slammer/Conn College
                                                               Marh 4, 2011   7 p.m.
                                                                    "Forever Young"

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Uconn Hosts Campus Slammer Success


Campus Slammer at Uconn was a success. To present a 5 minute story on the theme "Bad Romance" proved to be no challenge to our new storytellers. Seven  took the mic and presented their story to  the audience and judges. A little school pride for the Uconn crew to  be the very first campus to host a Campus Slammer. They have set the bar high for the  six colleges that follow. Everything ran like clockwork, the  group  from host organization Long River Live did an admirable job in coordinating all the aspects.

The top two contestants  from Uconn/Campus Slammer will move on to the Finals on April 28, 2011 at 7 p.m. at Conn. College in New London. There the stakes are higher as  2 finalists from each of the seven colleges come together. I hope they plan to bring friends to root for their success and celebrate their efforts.  At the finals prize packs will be awarded to all 14 finalists to include CD's, T-Shirts,  fun  campus stuff and  some techie prizes for the top finisher. All this will take place in Blaustein Hall's Ernst Room at Connecticut College. ( top of the quadrangle) Coffee and snacks will be provided for a coffee house atmosphere at the finals as we listen and judge the top 14 stories.

Uconn will be well represented at the finals by second place finisher Anna Victoria (2nd from Rt)  and first place finisher Dina Addorisio ( third from left) They each will receive a Campus Slammer t-shirt along with their prize bag. All  the contestants received a pass to  the CT. Storytelling Festival  Saturday Night Concert featuring Tim Tingle Choctaw Native American Storyteller from Oklahoma. More info on the concert at

The ladies will represent Uconn at New London in the finals. Here is a picture from the Uconn Campus Slammer just before the first contestant took the mic.

Students and  Staff made up the distinguished panel of judges for Uconn Campus Slammer

The first judge for the finals is secured so when  Dina and Anna come to  Conn College April 28 th Wayne Norman of WILI Radio 1400 AM will be on the panel of judges.

All tallied and finished I am very happy to say that the Uconn Campus Slammer was a huge success. We look forward to future collaborations and continued sharing of energy and ideas.  See you at the finals Uconn!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

UConn Pep Rally - "Go UConn" Campus Slammer Feb 21

The Pep Band pumps us all up for Campus Slammer! Monday  Feb 21, 2011 at 7 p.m.  Hey!, That's tomorrow!  So plan to come over to the clas building rm. 217 at 7 p.m. ( Glenbrook Dr) and put you name in to slam a 5 minute story toward prizes, tickets and a trip to the finals April 28, 2011 and the showcase mic on April 30, 2011 at the CT. Storytelling Festival.

The theme for the Uconn Campus Slammer is " Bad Romance" entwine  that into your story and share it. Campus Slammer is being hosted by Long River Live at their usual place and time in the Stern Lounge, second floor of the Language Arts building.   Like New York cities Moth or Boston's Massmouth,  Campus Slammer will  be sharing individuals stories in a competitive format for fun and prizes.

The top two for the night will move on to the finals at Connecticut College to represent Uconn in the 7 college head to head slam.  This is our first year with the Connecticut Storytelling Center  ( ) sponsoring Campus Slammer.  The seven colleges participating are; Uconn, Eastern CT. State U., Western CT. State U., Trinity, Connecticut College, University of Hartford and Wesleyan.

Subscribe to the blog to get follow up on who will represent  UConn at the finals.  Find all the details of the competitions at  

If you are in the greater Uconn / Eastern listening area tune in WILI 1400 AM on Monday morning starting at  7 a.m. for Wake Up With Wayne Norman. Guest on Monday morning is Carolyn Stearns from the CT. Storytelling Center promoting the Campus Slammer.

We don't really need a Pep Rally and Pep Band to share how excited we are that the first Campus Slammer will be tomorrow at Long River Live.  Listen in on WILI and come out at 7 p.m. to slam down your 5 minutes story!
                                               Go Uconn!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A CT Yankee In King Arthur's Court/Campus Slammer

Connecticut has Always Been Known For Great Stories

The tradition of great stories is alive and well on  7 Connecticut campuses. That's right, Campus Slammer brings fresh stories to the listeners of Connecticut.  Starting Monday night Campus Slammer will be  on a college campus near you! Check it out at:

In Mark Twain's neighborhood hear them at Trinity College and University of Hartford Campus Slammer contestants will  slam 5 minute stories  for 2 winners each. The campus winners go on to the finals at Conn College April 28 at 7 p.m..

It will be anything but the "Quiet Corner" when Uconn and ECSU host the Campus Slammer.  5 minutes stories will pit college wordsmith one for another  2 from each securing a place at the finals.

WCSU and Wesleyan along with Connecticut College will  host their slams and  give us the final 14 slammers to appear at Conn College in the finals of Campus Slammer. Which Campus will have the honor of saying:

 We Won Campus Slammer 2011?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Aerial Tour of Connecticut College

Take an Aerial Tour Over Connecticut College - Host of the Campus Slammer Finals


April 28,2011  at 7 p.m. Blaustein Hall in the Ernst room we will hold the finals of the Campus Slammer. Each of our 7 participating colleges will send their top two representatives to compete in this slam. It will be an all out battle of words, wit, poise, sarcasm and smooth delivery for the top honors as Connecticut Storytelling Festival's Champion Campus Slammer. Which University will take home the 2011 honors?

Site of the Campus Slammer Finals

The Campus Slammer  competitors bring their five minute story to the  local slam and return to the finals if they are scored first or second on their home campus. I hope they bring a cheering section college events are known for. Scoring will  be like the Olympics based on a ten point scale. The high and low score will be displayed and thrown out. The middle three scores averaged for a final winner of Campus Slammer.

The Door  of Blaustein Hall

One winner and two runners up will exit Blaustein Hall on April 28th. They will return on April 30th to represent the Campus Slammer as the featured tellers in a Showcase Mic following the main Saturday evening performance.

Storyteller Tony Toledo shows us the stage for the showcase mic

All the details for the Campus Slammer competition can be found at:


Friday, February 11, 2011

Got a Sense of HUMOR?

Eastern CT. State University announces its  Campus Slammer Theme.......HUMOR!

 Exercise those laugh lines and come share a fun filled 5 minute story.

Coming in March to the campus  community.  ( we await confirmation on space available)

email to join the committee or be on the weblist for updates:

Dr. Raouf Mama                 campus liason
Carolyn Stearns              Conn Story  Center liason

All the guidelines:        

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Unlock The Power of Story....Why Bother?

       Why bother to unlock  the power of story in your life?

You may use story as a literacy tool in a classroom. It might just be that healing through and with story will help you help yourself or someone else. Possibly story in the corporate world as we saw with  Super Bowl commercials will be the way you unlock the power of story. To entertain your kids one day you can use the power of story, it is for everyone.

One classroom exemplifies these powers watch the video clip and see the universal power of story unfold in Japan.


 Think about your story, what do you have locked up? Are you ready to share it? Campus Slammer is the place, at Trinity, Wesleyan, Western CT.,  Uconn, Eastern Ct.,Conn College and U-Hartford.  Resources for Campus Slammer at:



Sunday, February 6, 2011

Storytelling Techniques: 9 Storytelling Tips for Storytelling Anywhere.

Sean Buvala shares some simple storytelling tips to help you generate a  Campus Slammer story. If you want to get a jump on the  competition look these over and watch some of the sample stories in previous and upcoming posts.

We all know a little coaching takes the team to the top. So who will prevail when the colleges of Connecticut pit their best wordsmiths one for another?

Storytelling Techniques: 9 Storytelling Tips for Storytelling Anywhere.

Your words and story were never meant to be locked up inside you, bring them to the Campus Slammer

For more tips, samples, info and details  subscribe or follow the Campus Slammer. All the Guidelines, rules and dates  for storytelling in the Campus Slammer  are posted at  ( some dates TBA )

Friday, February 4, 2011

Teaching Storytelling

     As Dr. Seuss said, ! "Oh the places you will go." Where you go, story goes with you.  Right now  on 7 CT. college campuses preparations are underway for Campus Slammer. A 5 minute story shared in competition. 2 finalists  from each campus to move on to the final round at Conn. College ( April 28) from there a winner will be chosen and accompanied by two runners up  they will take the feature spots in a showcase mic at the CT.Storytelling Festival.  (April 30)

     After Campus Slammer you will find so many places where storytelling fits every lifestyle. See in the video how becoming a classroom teacher, youth group leader or a parent, storytelling can be used.  We will look at other uses of storytelling in future blogs, be sure to subscribe or check back.

Details for the upcoming Campus Slammer events are all on the website

Get Ready!! Wesleyan, Western, Eastern, Uconn, Trinity, U-Hartford, Conn. College. Campus Slammer is coming to your school!   

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ingrid Wiese-"Brotherly Love" Story Slam Winner

When you listen to this story, you will see the power of storytelling in healing.  You will see the power of storytelling in families, you will see the power of story. 

Harness the power for yourself and come to one of the venues of Campus Slammer.  Subscribe to the blog  to keep all the updates coming to your inbox.
              Dates set
                            Feb 21, 2010  Uconn Campus Slammer
                            March 4,2011 Conn College Slam
                            March 10,200  U-Hartford Slam
                           TBA                  Eastern
                           TBA                  Western
                           TBA                  Trinity
                           TBA                 Wesleyan
                          April 28, 2011   Finals Connecticut Storytelling Center/Conn.College
                          April 30, 2011   Showcase mic for the winner and 2 runners up at CT. Storytelling Festival

Check the new INFO PAGES for Campus Slammer  at