Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Uconn Hosts Campus Slammer Success


Campus Slammer at Uconn was a success. To present a 5 minute story on the theme "Bad Romance" proved to be no challenge to our new storytellers. Seven  took the mic and presented their story to  the audience and judges. A little school pride for the Uconn crew to  be the very first campus to host a Campus Slammer. They have set the bar high for the  six colleges that follow. Everything ran like clockwork, the  group  from host organization Long River Live did an admirable job in coordinating all the aspects.

The top two contestants  from Uconn/Campus Slammer will move on to the Finals on April 28, 2011 at 7 p.m. at Conn. College in New London. There the stakes are higher as  2 finalists from each of the seven colleges come together. I hope they plan to bring friends to root for their success and celebrate their efforts.  At the finals prize packs will be awarded to all 14 finalists to include CD's, T-Shirts,  fun  campus stuff and  some techie prizes for the top finisher. All this will take place in Blaustein Hall's Ernst Room at Connecticut College. ( top of the quadrangle) Coffee and snacks will be provided for a coffee house atmosphere at the finals as we listen and judge the top 14 stories.

Uconn will be well represented at the finals by second place finisher Anna Victoria (2nd from Rt)  and first place finisher Dina Addorisio ( third from left) They each will receive a Campus Slammer t-shirt along with their prize bag. All  the contestants received a pass to  the CT. Storytelling Festival  Saturday Night Concert featuring Tim Tingle Choctaw Native American Storyteller from Oklahoma. More info on the concert at http://www.connstorycenter.org/

The ladies will represent Uconn at New London in the finals. Here is a picture from the Uconn Campus Slammer just before the first contestant took the mic.

Students and  Staff made up the distinguished panel of judges for Uconn Campus Slammer

The first judge for the finals is secured so when  Dina and Anna come to  Conn College April 28 th Wayne Norman of WILI Radio 1400 AM will be on the panel of judges.

All tallied and finished I am very happy to say that the Uconn Campus Slammer was a huge success. We look forward to future collaborations and continued sharing of energy and ideas.  See you at the finals Uconn!

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