Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Aerial Tour of Connecticut College

Take an Aerial Tour Over Connecticut College - Host of the Campus Slammer Finals


April 28,2011  at 7 p.m. Blaustein Hall in the Ernst room we will hold the finals of the Campus Slammer. Each of our 7 participating colleges will send their top two representatives to compete in this slam. It will be an all out battle of words, wit, poise, sarcasm and smooth delivery for the top honors as Connecticut Storytelling Festival's Champion Campus Slammer. Which University will take home the 2011 honors?

Site of the Campus Slammer Finals

The Campus Slammer  competitors bring their five minute story to the  local slam and return to the finals if they are scored first or second on their home campus. I hope they bring a cheering section college events are known for. Scoring will  be like the Olympics based on a ten point scale. The high and low score will be displayed and thrown out. The middle three scores averaged for a final winner of Campus Slammer.

The Door  of Blaustein Hall

One winner and two runners up will exit Blaustein Hall on April 28th. They will return on April 30th to represent the Campus Slammer as the featured tellers in a Showcase Mic following the main Saturday evening performance.

Storyteller Tony Toledo shows us the stage for the showcase mic

All the details for the Campus Slammer competition can be found at:


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